Welcome to Pre-Kindergarten

Welcome to the Rogers Public Schools Pre-Kindergarten Program:

This school year, our four-year-olds have been actively engaged in quality literacy, math & science activities and making new friends, growing strong, and celebrating so many new kindergarten readiness skills necessary for school success next year.

Our Spring Days in Pre-K have been busy days.... In March, our teachers hosted Dr. Seuss Week, celebrating our love-for-books, and provided a special Pre-K Family Literacy Fair for all young children in Rogers, with our Pre-K and HIPPY families receiving many FREE CHILDREN'S BOOKS for their child's home library.

In April, as school days became warmer, and beautiful flowers began to grow....We  learned about caterpillars & butterflies, and enjoyed a science unit on  "Growing & Changing,"  observed butterfly gardens in our classrooms, hosted our annual Pre-K Easter Egg Hunt, celebrated Earth Day, & children enrolled in RPS Kindergarten for August 2015.

 During the month of May,  Pre-K celebrated academic learnings with Award Presentations, Pre-K Promotion Certificates, performed rhymes, chants & songs for their parents, had a delightful Pre-K Family Picnic, and hosted SPLASH DAY, 2015.

As our Pre-K Administration & faculty bid FAREWELL to the future Senior Class of 2028, we sincerely hope our families and children will always remember our happy days in the Rogers Public Schools Pre-K... with ABC's  &  1-2-3's...sorting, classifying, writing our first & last names, identifying shapes, counting to 50, measuring, building block towers, and observing & discovering the many wonders of nature!

It has truly been a purposeful year of learning, and now your child's FUTURE IS CALLING!
We wish the very best for your little one in the Rogers Public Schools, a very special place... "Where ALL Belong, ALL Learn, and ALL Succeed!"

Have a great Summer 2015!

Cathy Davis, Director of Early Childhood Education
Rogers Public Schools

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Our Mission

The Rogers School District is committed to providing an environment of educational excellence where all belong, all learn, and all succeed.

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